Re: Atlantis - The Lost Continent (long)

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. (
11 Jul 1996 12:36:00 GMT

cyberguy <cyberguy@IntNet.Net> wrote:

> Ha Ha - I can't believe the off hand dismissal without inspection. How
> unscientific. Have you ever been cave diving off Yucatan? An Olmec type
> head in a cave under almost 400 feet of water is pretty hard to confuse
> with a natural limestone erosive product - so is a cave painting and
> other artifacts, including stalactites showing the cave was open to the
> air at some time. The existence of such things has nothing to do with
> 'Atlantis' but I personally SUSPECT that the 'great flood' was from
> melting ice!!!! (unless some tipped the planet on its axis and the oceans
> sloshed about a lot) Have you ever seen the sunken city out on one of
> the Pacific islands - stone buildings and carvings etc. underwater. Fact
> is theres all kinds of stuff that can be covered under 400 feet of post
> glacial melt.

Have you?

> And which would have to be added into the equation of
> history. Just as things like green glass under layers of mud hut
> civilizations in the mid east. All is NOT as it appears on this planet.

Here's a personal take on the general subject of paranormality: people
lie. No, really, they do. For money (how much did you pay for books
on the subject? As a kid, I must have spent over $100 in paperbacks
(back when they were ~$2 or so) on them myself. I bought into it all.

Then I saw an excellent series of specials on NOVA back in the 1970s.
They covered UFOs, the Bermuda Triangle, Ancient Astronauts, etc.

Guess what: they showed that the authors I had read and enjoyed were
wrong. More than that, disingenuous. Liars.

I checked out the sources that NOVA cited, and found:

You CAN erect Easter Island heads with just manpower, ropes, and a few
logs. There ARE ancient Egyptian paintings showing how pyramids and
megasculptures were put into place (as Lister said, "Whips. Massive whips.")
Most of the Nazca "runways" are 5' or less across. Almost every ship
which disappeard in the Triangle "on a clear day" did so during major
storms. There is no record of Atlantis prior to Plato, who sets up the
whole situation by explaining that Solon's story was told on a day
traditionally associated with the telling of tall tales. Etc., etc., etc.

I may not scuba dive, but I have snorkled in the Keys during a Carbonate
Sedimentology class, where we saw (among other things) the erosive
features which Atlantologists call "walls". Sorry, but it isn't so, any
more than doublely plunging anticlines are Noah's Ark.

Yep, there is more to Nature then I know, but there is a helluva lot more
to Nature than is dreamt of in any of the paranormalists philosophies.

Just because there are not scientific explanations yet for a given find
does not mean that someone else's idea is automatically right.