Re: Karen's comments

Mike Muller (
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 09:46:56 -0400

> You base your statements on assumptions. Unfortunately, this is not
> a good trait for a researcher. It is good that you have such a high
> self esteem. You will need it.

Really! I have more than self-esteem...I have the drive and the talent
to back it up. And maybe I am "smug" as I have been called but I can
throw out a few names of leading researchers in this field who fit that
description. But I do know how to admit when I am wrong, when it
And isn't the beginnings of all good research an "assumption" of
sorts....the thesis? You suggest that you know the answer to a question
and then test that assumption. I think it is a great trait for a
Leakey described OH8 by "assuming" that the morphologically
modern foot bones found went with the pebble tools he found even though
the foot bone was not in direct association and them and the robust
australopithecine material was. What an assumption that was and it is
still being used in classes today! ( Although I suspect that his
assumption was wrong in that case I would have to go to great lengths to
find evidence to the contrary. Such as back to Africa and do field work.)