Re: Notice to Phil Nicholls...

Elizabeth Olivier (
Wed, 12 Jul 95 00:46:36 GMT

In article <> "BARD" writes:

! 8 Jul. 1995


! In addition, my attorney will be contacting the law firm representing
! SUNY Albany. Inasmuch as you are a staff member of SUNY Albany, I can
! only conclude your threats are sanctioned by the University.
Translates as..
"My seconds will contact your seconds.... "

! Thus you can expect we will be bringing suit against SUNY Albany as
! well as a personal suit against you.

" order to issue a challenge... "

! I regret having to take these actions but see no other recourse. I
! have ignored your email in the past hoping that in time you would
! cease and desist. This has not been the case.

".......I am a parfait gentle knight but your vile deeds have gone too far."

! Finally, it may be of some small interest for you to know that my
! family has a long tradition in Albany. Both my father and grandfather
! served with distinction under both Corning administrations.

"I am a member of the local nobility and my father and grandfather faithfully
served the illustrious Duke of Albany ...."

! You should also be aware that although long out of
! politics, my father was incensed at what I told him is happening
! here and is very much interested in meeting your department head
! himself.

"You are a low-born cur and I will have you horsewhipped"

! This too may come to pass...

! Sincerely,


Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.