Re: Notice to Phil Nicholls...

Wed, 19 Jul 1995 06:51:31 GMT

In article <>,
Steve Price <> wrote:
>> I am not kidding, Mr. Phil Nicholls... This is a very serious matter...
>When you left the first time, we asked that you have some evidence to
>back up your claims and that you at least show some resemblence of
>Exactly what part of that request didn't you understand?


I never understood you types who stick their noses into
quarrels other people are having.

It brings to mind a kid I knew whose parents were drunks. His
mother was such a pig she'd go through his fathers pants for
gin money. Later he'd figure what happened and beat hell out of
her, and that's when the kid would start whining and crying.

Anyway, I think we could take all the character a guy like you has,
put it in the navel of a fruit fly and we'd still have enough room
for three marijuana seeds and Phil Nicholl's brain.

You see, the problem is you haven't anything interesting or original to
say. Your comments, unlike mine, are generic netspeak, the kinda
of crap every lean-witted kid who considers himself a flamer
uses, ie: "Exactly what part of his request didn't you understand?"

That's not wit, you blithering idiot. Do you have any idea how many
times that's been said?

Do you have any idea what a brown-nosing turd you are?