Re: Tears

12 Jul 1995 02:34:47 GMT

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` writes:
` : >How big is your computer? The area is fraught with difficulties because
` : >other primates don't weep copiously, whereas humans actually have
` : >two types of tears.
` Humans developed the ability to weep copiously in
` anticipation of the day when we would have the wonder
` of such a thing as sci.anthropology.paleo on the Internet,
` and yet have it polluted, endlessly, with this AAH/T shit.
` Will you f*cking idiots take a powder, for once and for
` all?
` Start your own, stupid newsgroup, and stop wasting space
` on this one.
` Thank you,
` - Bearcat

Dear oh dear, your recent arrival is showing. Leaving aside the
unseemly lack of civility, your post reveals your ignorance of
the origin of this newsgroup, which was in fact orphaned out
of sci.anthropology as a wilderness into which the aat debaters
could be cast. As a matter of historic interest, the initiator
of the six month flurry of posting (not the first one though)
which precipitated this event, was one Douglas Adams, who wandered
through s.a. one day and asked an innocent question.

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