Re: Carlos Castaneda, The teachings of Don Juan

Marc Line (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 11:04:18 +0000

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997, at 14:57:55, Daniel Lawton cajoled electrons into
this liberally snipped rendering

>a model practicioner during the weekend,

A "real" practitioner during the week?

>then went home on Monday to spread her legs for her husband

On brown bread, one presumes.

>he jerked
>open both arms into a big V shape, giving the impression of a woman's
>body plopping down on the bed with her legs up high and spread.

Or, alternatively, a Vulcan bomber making a landing?

>travel to Siberia to see that lecture again.

Now showing at the Siberia Apollo!

>"I didn't make this up. In fact,
>I had to water it down to make it believable."

Dilute to taste.

>At an early workshop I'd heard that
>Carlos had seen Don Juan a couple of times since, but then at a later
>workshop someone
> made fun of the idea.

Some people!

>Carlos has said that if
>anyone offered to help Don Juan, he'd spit in their eye.

A charming demonstration of salival accuracy.

>don't go around trying to get money or help from people, they do what's
>required of them, as privately as they can.

Usually in silence, without advertisement etc.

>And Carlos sure isn't out to get attention. He just isn't like that.

He'll not thank you for telling the whole world about him here then -
will he?

>Carlos would
>play the bartender.

Goodness, a musical bartender! Is that a wind instrument or does it
have strings? Maybe it's a song with which I am not familiar.

>I can't think of anything I want anymore.

Do you not want to continue posting to sci.arch?

>While all my friends are trying to buy the next little toy
>or car they have their eye on,

Or a modem so that they too can indulge in the wonderful sport that is
unbridled crossposting.

>or trying to manipulate (they call it
>"falling in love") some poor woman into sex,

So what's wrong with rich women?

>I don't have any interests
>like that anymore.

Poor women everywhere are doubtless lamenting your discovery of

>I sure was filled to the brink with them before I
>met Carlos. I was always pining after something I just had to have.
>Sound familiar?

As in "heard it all before?" Yes.

>I actually used to make myself sick over money and women and if someone
>had told me you could just drop that crap I sure wouldn't have believed
>it. Now I can't see how people can live like that.

Give me your money and your women then. I'll do you the favour of
relieving you of the burden.

>I'm middle aged, make the kind of money middle aged people do,

Medieval? Aha, that's the connection with archaeology is it? Still
looking for the link with paleo though.

>but have
>nothing to spend it on.

See above. I'll happily spend it for you.

>Why not look at it in terms of the money saved on doctors, food,
>cigarettes, alcohol, expensive cars, dating rituals, etc? In those
>terms, I've made a fortune.

Food? You don't eat?

>>>I suspect that anyone that asked for a refund would get it. I know
>>>of a few cases.
>>is that put in writing by those with the authority to do so??...
>I'm so sure they would refund if someone expressed genuine
>disatisfaction that I'll back it up with my own money.

Would it be too much to expect that you might publish a list of all
those who have attended in the past such that they might be informed of
this very generous offer?

>Some nights I remain in the same dream so long I have to come up for

Deep sea diving dreams are quite common.

>Other nights I get none.

My sympathies.

>It's not a matter of what you do, but
>how you do it.

Explains getting none?

>You could even be a fry cook to learn sorcery.

Better to learn saucery methinks.