Carlos Castaneda, The teachings of Don Juan

Daniel Lawton (
20 Jan 1997 08:10:38 GMT

If you know who Carlos Castaneda is or have read his books, "The
teachings of Don Juan" series, read on. If not, please accept my
appology for interrupting your newsgroup.

Carlos has recently started helping people who are interested in
learning the form of sorcerery described in his books. Through an
organization he supports, Cleargreen, he gives workshops periodically.
There's one coming up. These aren't routine classes teaching the same
material over and over. Each is unique, and Carlos and group work
their buns off to make them utterly personal and unforgettable. The
price is low to moderate for a workshop of this type, the setting
always comfortable, and you'll go away feeling better than you did when
you started (but perhaps a bit sore from the exercises).

If you didn't know about this, you've probably wondered whether to take
it all seriously. If you go to a few workshops you'll find out that
quite a few people do. Carlos' associates, who were taught by Don Juan
himself, are often in attendance at these workshops, and Carlos usually
shows up to workshops in the Los Angeles area, but no promises can be
made (it's a matter of energy). His associates are Carol Tiggs,
Florinda Donner Grau, Taisha Abelar, and the blue scout.

The techniques taught at the workshop fall under the name of
Tensegrity, a mix of physical movements designed to stimulate sorceric
energy points, promote flexibility and stamina, and generally improve
health. There are also "not-doings" and exercises to stop the internal

The results are wonderful, to say the least. I was headed for a heart
attack when I started, so much so that I had visited the emergency ward
in panic several times and had a doctor who insisted I was a candidate
for a pacemaker. Two years later I feel younger than I did when I was
18, I'm more flexible, have a better memory, lost 40 pounds, and am
just much better off. I've also got an inkling of what sorcerery is
all about, and it's really exciting.

If you've ever wanted to hear Carlos talk you won't be disappointed.
I'm 99% sure he'll show up, but if he doesn't one of the others who was
close to Don Juan will. Perhaps they all will.

The workshop is next month, Feb 15 and 16th. I can't arrange anything
for you, but I'd be happy to chat if you're a bit in doubt about it.
Or if you've been waiting for this for a long time (as I had!), check
out Cleargreen's website at

You can also contact Cleargreen at (310) 264-6126.

This isn't spam, so feel free to email me and chat.