Re: Human Language. (long post)

John A. Halloran (
23 Jan 1997 17:31:01 -0700

In article <> Michael McBroom <> writes:

>John A. Halloran wrote:
>> In his book on language evolution and in the two articles to which I
referred,>> Bernard H. Bichakjian has shown that Indo-European and its
neighboring>> language families have evolved to be more efficient tools for
communication>> over the last 6,000 years.
>You might do well to read and respond to works that are of accepted
>worth and validity and quit polluting your mind with stuff from the
>lunatic fringe.


>Michael McBroom
>CSUF Linguistics

Mr. McBroom,

Many knowledgeable scholars and researchers who are interested in
investigating the subject of language origins belong to a society formed in
1983 called The Language Origins Society, which Professor Bichakjian serves as
President and as editor of the LOS Forum.

You have not indicated that you have read his work. I have read it and found
it to be linguistically perceptive and well-organized.

If you are interested in the subject of language origins, does that
automatically put you in the lunatic fringe?


John Halloran