Re: request info on large predators in the late miocene, early pliocene.

ima pseudonym (fictitious@alias.incognito.myob)
22 Jan 1997 05:52:32 GMT

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>J. de Lyser <> wrote:
> I need some information on possible large predators in the late
> miocene, early pliocene, in the same geographical areas as
> early Australopithecus Afarensis. (5-4mln years ago).
Sounds like an interesting project and a fun subject; care to discuss it here? Is this for
a novel, a dissertation, or a term project?

>In a paleo-anth course I used a reference book by Cooke (I think, it
>was a few years ago) with a title along the lines of "Extinct Mammals
>of Africa". Wonderful book.

Don't forget the reptiles: early hominids would also have to watch out for crocodiles
whenever visting bodies of water. Large pythons [how far back does the record for
_P. sebae_ extend?] might well have eaten prey as large as adults of some of the
early small-bodied hominids, and while not strictly predators, vipers and cobras would
still be potentially deadly biotic hazards.