Re: War Between Good and Evil (was Re: Is Bob Only Exaggerating?)

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Wed, 22 Jan 1997 02:42:32 GMT

On Tue, 21 Jan 1997 12:42:24 -0800, Mark Raven <> wrote
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>On 21 Jan 97 00:30:14 GMT, Alex Vange <> wrote:
>> wrote:
>>>Hitler probably leads the pack of monsters for the 20th century at
>>>least, likely neck-and-neck with Stalin and Mao. Monsters are monsters.
>>>OTOH, I actually don't see the latter being defended with the passion
>>>with which revisionists defend Hitler. Have you seen anyone within the
>>>last few years seriously deny that Stalin's purges happened?
>> Stalin was on the side of evil. America joined with the side of evil
>>to fight the good side which was the axis.
>If you think that the Axis was "the good side", I guess you're not bothered by
>the mass tortures inflicted upon civilian populations and upon prisoners of
>war--including Americans-- by the Japanese.

Not to mention all of those nasty Japs who were convicted and hung for
their taste for the human gall bladder in their chosen dietary habit of

"Greed is good." -- Ivan Boesky, but is sounds better in
the original Yiddish.
Pat Buchanan's speeches sound better in the original German.