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21 Jan 1997 09:07:39 GMT

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>stating the exact price would make this advertisement seem less of a
>cheap hustle....what is the exact price??...

I don't know. I believe it's $250. It isn't high or low for a
workshop of this type. They rent an expensive, comfortable facility,
hire the obligatory security for a medium sized crowd, and generally
run up a lot of expenses doing this. Carlos taught for free for a
decade and couldn't generate any real interest. Why people have to
have organized workshops is a mystery, but it's what it takes.

>will don genero show up for any of the workshops??...will the blue
>scout be available for photographic sessions and metalurgical

Don Genaro is gone, but you can ask the blue scout yourself, she'll be

>as that term has a well established meaning within the work of bucky
>fuller, why do you appropriate it in the naming of your

They're not my techniques, I'm just an interested learner. I suspect
that Carlos admired the wonderful structure covering the museum in
mexico cities' courtyard and thought it very appropriate to the kinds
of techniques Tensegrity involves. It's a structure held up entirely
by metal rods under tension. Having practiced Tensegrity for a few
years I can't think of a better name, they emphasize the tendons of the
body and the way they move and pull the various parts.

>why were you carrying an extra forty pounds??

I was a greedy bastard like the rest of you. Now I'm only a bastard.

> much per pound lost have you spent so far on these >workshops??

A lot less than a heart attack would have cost.

>...please also state the price in terms of the gates of dreaming
> and the attentions attained...

The gates of dreaming are free, although you have to work really hard.
If you want to give it a go I can tell you what I did for starters.
It's a blast, I can't think of anything more fun that holding a dream
for hours at a time and switching at will.

The second attention is available for free too, but you have to cut
back on that endless chatter in your head.

>will a 99% refund be given if, by some odd chance, carlos don't

I suspect that anyone that asked for a refund would get it. I know of
a few cases.

>Do you recieve a commission or finder's fee of any sort??...

No, just the genuine satisfaction of reading your newsgroup.

>with questions and suspicions