Re: Carlos Castaneda, The teachings of Don Juan

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Tue, 21 Jan 1997 12:05:31 GMT

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>(frank murray) writes:
>>stating the exact price would make this advertisement seem less of a
>>cheap hustle....what is the exact price??...
>I don't know. I believe it's $250.

hmmm....the website has it at $350...that works out to about
$20/hour...what might make it worth that price??...his books are
widely available...

>Don Genaro is gone, but you can ask the blue scout yourself, she'll be

sorry to hear that about genero...thought methods for his retrieval
would have been what sense do you mean that the blue
scout will be there??...

>>why were you carrying an extra forty pounds??
>I was a greedy bastard like the rest of you. Now I'm only a bastard.

hmmm..."like the rest of you"...seems to indicate that the training
cures greed...has it cured the greed of the trainers??...if you
believe that it has, please state the criteria of greed measurement
used in making your assessment...

>> much per pound lost have you spent so far on these >workshops??
>A lot less than a heart attack would have cost.

cute...but irresponsive...please answer the question in a dollars per

>I suspect that anyone that asked for a refund would get it. I know of
>a few cases.

is that put in writing by those with the authority to do so??...

>>Do you recieve a commission or finder's fee of any sort??...
>No, just the genuine satisfaction of reading your newsgroup.

hmmm...perhaps you might state to how many newsgroups you posted this
announcement in its varied forms??...if you read all those groups,
does that not cut down on time that could more valuably be spent
dreaming or stalking??...