Re: There are ruling classes

Blakkr (
8 Jan 1997 06:51:15 GMT

In <Love@6104> (Troy Varange) writes:
>> | > So what? The point is that race is a social construction,
>> | so is
>> | mass-murdering Oneness dogma, which is now in process of
financially, morally
>> | and genetically bankrupting the West. ...
>> The West, or at least its ruling class, has never been in
>> better shape. Its political philosophy and its economic
>> system, liberalism and capitalism, dominate the world.
>The values of the ruling class are Oriental, not Western.

BS.It's actually anglo-american.

>> It is prosperous everywhere. It has cleared the field of
>> its enemies. It has never been wealthier, and no great
>> threat to its wealth appears anywhere.
>Nationalists will destroy your precious ruling class; the
>parasites will work for the first time in their lives while
>serving their terms.