Re: There are ruling classes
Thu, 09 Jan 1997 19:00:07 GMT

On 8 Jan 1997 11:10:54 -0800, (Troy Varange) wrote:

>> >> | > So what? The point is that race is a social construction,
>> >>
>> >> | so is
>> >> | mass-murdering Oneness dogma, which is now in process of
>> financially, morally
>> >> | and genetically bankrupting the West. ...
>> >>
>> >> The West, or at least its ruling class, has never been in
>> >> better shape. Its political philosophy and its economic
>> >> system, liberalism and capitalism, dominate the world.
>> >
>> >The values of the ruling class are Oriental, not Western.
>> BS.It's actually anglo-american.
>Eh, how so?
>> >> It is prosperous everywhere. It has cleared the field of
>> >> its enemies. It has never been wealthier, and no great
>> >> threat to its wealth appears anywhere.
>> >
>> >Nationalists will destroy your precious ruling class; the
>> >parasites will work for the first time in their lives while
>> >serving their terms.
>> Wrong.
>What's wrong, blakkr? Will the ruling class stay forever in
>power or will they be overthrown as a class?
>The ancestral Germanic tribes overthrew their unwanted
>kings whenever he didn't resign gracefully; he usually did.
>Since "Anglo-American" is Germanic, what would be the problem
>with this? Is it to be argued that there's nothing wrong with
>our American nobility?

I think you'll find that you are talking about one ruling class
overthowing another ruling class.

Either way it was still a ruling class in power.

What this world needs is for the working and opressed classes to throw
out the ruling classes and run everything themsleves with no RULERS.

Besides - the ruling class is not necessarily one race ruling another.
It is one class of people ruling over another class of people, often
of teh same race.

my own personal opinion only
"I detest what you write, but I would
give my life to make it possible
for you to continue to write"
"The end of democracy, and the defeat of the American Revolution
will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending
institutions and moneyed incorporations."

- Thomas Jefferson