Re: BETTER than the SUPER BOWL (MacRae vs. Conrad)

frank murray (fmurray@pobox,com)
Wed, 08 Jan 1997 09:46:38 GMT

On Wed, 08 Jan 1997 07:02:49 GMT, (Ed Conrad)

>The fact is, Andrew, Prolog (PenTelData based in Palmerton, Pa.)
>had terminated my services -- unjustly and quite improperly when all
>factors are taken into consideration.


i deplore both prolog's action and that of those who attempt to
silence you...that does not mean i believe (or disbelieve) that your
claims are valid...though i've taken a look at your site and others
that oppose you, i've neither sufficient interest nor expertise to
solidly conclude either truth, at this point, if i had to put
money on one side or the other, i'd put it on the other side...

if both you and your detracters found a way to lower your voices to a
heated but still civil exchange of thoughtful, fact based arguments
instead of mutual insult and contempt, i'd tune in again and try to
follow those arguments...until then, i'll not...

though all of us on this and most other newsgroups play out our egos
against the evil, silly others who disagree with us, we all learn, if
we take the trouble to go back and read our own and our other's posts,
how quickly it becomes true that evil, silly people play with evil,
silly people...i get embarassed rereading mine and realizing how
quickly i fall into that sort of game and wonder why i bothered
wasting time, thought, and bandwidth...

i find it much easier to not waste time on those games when only
others are playing them...i simply skip most threads that you're
involved in because of all that silliness...but please realize that it
is not your ideas or beliefs that i find silly...and whether you are
right or wrong, you do seem to believe what you are saying...but until
you can post civilly, and entice your opponents into doing likewise,
i'll not bother reading...

but none of this should in any way be read as a condoning of the
actions of the isp that cut you off, or of those who pressured for
that cutoff...nothing that i've seen posted here by you would warrant
such cutoff...those who don't want to read you can killfile your

feel free to forward this to any isp, if you think it might help...