Dig at Danakil?

Nicholas Rosen (ndrosen@bu.edu)
2 Jan 1997 21:26:57 GMT

Hello. Just my annual reminder. I'm offering $50 to any qualified
paleo-anthropologist who's digging for the fossils of possible acquatic
apes in the Danakil Alps or Eritrea. Does anyone know of a current or
prospective expedition there, so I can kick in my small contribution?

And, please understand, I'm not asking the paleo community to swallow
the AAH whole. I just think that, despite some complications and
counterarguments I've seen discussed on this group (and I'd like to
thank the people involved for teaching me more than I used to know), there
is enough of a case for the AAH that I'd like to see it further
investigated. Finally, an expedition to Danakil need not be a wash, if
you'll pardon the expression, even if no australopithecine fossils are
found. Digging there should add something to our knowledge of pre-
history, even if the AAH is nonsense.

Nicholas Rosen

Standard disclaimers apply. I'm not speaking for Boston University. Look,
when our esteemed Chancellor has an opinion on something, he doesn't need
me to express it for him.