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3 Jan 1997 00:15:27 GMT

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>Hello. Just my annual reminder. I'm offering $50 to any qualified
>paleo-anthropologist who's digging for the fossils of possible acquatic
>apes in the Danakil Alps or Eritrea. Does anyone know of a current or
>prospective expedition there, so I can kick in my small contribution?



In the January 5, 1996 issue of Science, a report of a new region
containing hominid fossils was found. The location is in the Danakil
Desert of Eritrea, located north of Ethiopia about 500 kilometers (311
miles) north of Hadar. In December a team of Eritrean and Italian
paleontologists recovered several fossils that are believed to date to
around 2 million years B.P. Although the finds have not yet been
described, they are thought to belong to an early species of Homo.

Reference: V. Morell, "New Skull Turns Up in Northeast Africa," Science,
271 (1996), 32.

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