Re: There are races
Thu, 02 Jan 1997 20:57:00 GMT (G*rd*n) wrote:

>| ... If there's inter-breeding along the way with <whatever>, there
>| are still only seven possible outcomes for each individual (i.e. assigned to
>| one of the seven races on the basis of their overall score with respect to
>| *MULTIPLE* traits).
>You can certainly construe human beings into seven races by
>means of (physical) traits. Or eight or six or five
>billion or one.
>So what? The point is that race is a social construction,
>an arbitrary division of the human race into categories that
>have not been demonstrated to have any significance.
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Unless, of course, you want to be admitted to Law School,
Med School, want to work as a fireperson or just get a job.
Then it seems to take on great significance, doesn't it?