Eggs benedict

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Wed, 4 Jan 1995 03:50:00 GMT

-=> Quoting Dan Ceppa to Michele Stewart about Eggs benedict on 01 Jan 95
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-> On 12-28-94 18:25, Michele Stewart got back to Lee Mcmindes

MS> Eggs benedict is nothing more than an English Muffin, Canadian Bacon
MS> (or ham), a poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Stack it, serve it, walk
MS> around the rest of the morning with a smile. :)

You forgot the two black olives for the top.. hehehe it is always done

DC> Don't forget to tell everyone how hard you had to work to
DC> create that difficult culinary treat. If you tell them
DC> enough about it, they'll believe you, and worship the English
DC> Muffins you toast fro them..... :)

If you make the hollandaise from wouldn't necessarily be a
lie.. ;-) (I just HATE double boilers)

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