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Fran Mcgee (fran.mcgee@ussnet.com)
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 07:57:00 GMT

|-----------------|Hap Newsom wrote:
HN>Hi Fran! I haven't sent you a message in a while and now I see that
HN>you've lost some, so I'll send you one today so you'll have something to

Thanx! I always get bummed when there is no new mail!

What did you get for Christmas? Did you get any new cooking
HN>stuff? I only got one cookbook...another Land o Lakes one *yum*, and

Yep...I got a KitchenAid Mixer...the big one! My darling husband was an
angel...his brother helped too, by doing a bunch of research to see
which one was the best one for Jim to buy for me. Sure makes cookies
and breadmaking a breeze!

HN>yesterday we went to Seattle and I got a Big Bowl Set at City
HN>Kitchens, near Westlake Mall, have you ever been there? Got a 5 bowl set
HN>of aluminium bowls and the largest one is a 12 qt one! That will be
HN>great for making large batches of cookies!

That sounds like a store I would get in trouble in! Lucky for my
husband I avoid downtown Seattle like the Plague. I hate parking and
driving down there. It seems I have less tolerance for it since I have
moved to the sticks....ah well...

I also got a new camera, so I
HN>am torn between doing photography and cooking....Maybe I could take some
HN>pictures of my dishes <VBG>.

I have an old camera (but a good one--Nikon FE2)...I used to be quite
into photography, but haven't done much since our son (now 4-1/2) was
born...seems I can only have enough time for so many hobbies...

If we all manage to have a Northwest get
HN>together this summer I'll make sure to take photo's of everybody, and
HN>maybe we can get them scanned and sent down to Salata for the photo gif

Sounds like a plan to me! I had great visions of doing a get together
last summer in our new house, but overestimated how much energy I would
have after building said house....still haven't recovered!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful and your new year is exciting!

It sure was, and the 1st working day after the new year's holiday in the
Pharmacy I work in was more exciting than I wanted it to
be...grin...amazing how I can want to sit here and stare at a compute
at home after spending 9 hours typing prescriptions on one at
work...I must be slightly touched...

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