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Wed, 4 Jan 1995 04:06:00 GMT

-=> Quoting Dan Ceppa to Dan Klepach about Re: you're over the hill. on 01
Jan 95 12:10 <=-

-> On 12-29-94 22:38, Dan Klepach got back to Jim Bodle

DC> if you are ever in the area, we'll go squiding. (As soon as I find
DC> out when an where to get those things!) If not, we'll stock up
DC> on ersters and clams. Got some clams in the fridge, as I type!

As I remember, when living in Port Townsend..we just went off shore a
bit and got'em.. course we spent most of the time digging clams at the
shore.. Yummie times up there.. (I love clams steamed in ginger sauce..)

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