We Are Back w/a new year!

Dan Ceppa (dan.ceppa@ussnet.com)
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 21:58:00 GMT

-> On 01-03-95 09:46, Nancy O'brion got back to Dan Ceppa

DC> Well, why not. The offers are pouring in from all over. However,
DC> that may just be our rainy weather.

NO> Does this mean you can FLOAT me a small loan????

Only if rocks float.... :)

NO> How!!!!! Sharon's not going to give you NO! money for anything....
DC> She doesn't have to! Didn't Jim mention we have her credit cards?

NO> But they expired on the 1st of January...1995

Good thing I made all the major purchases on Dec 31, 1994!

DC> Gotcha! See above! You made it, and you have only 3 days left
DC> to get you jabs in, before I call you on breaking it. :)

NO> At my PAL, Sharon's, request....I've done reconsidered!!! So! There!

Wasn't that nice of her? I hope she doesn't mind the credit card
bills I ran up though.

NO> Besides if you can change your stockings, you can change you mind!!
NO> anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Just ask me!!! (gales of laughter)

Well, I wear socks, if that's ok with you.

DC> So, your SiL is Santa Claus?
NO> NO! Mrs. Claus...who do think runs the show!!! :-)))))))

Usually, the women!

DC> Oh yeah, don't forget your New Years resolution!

NO> And let Sharon down, not me!!! She needs somebody on her side!!!

I'll be wathcing, very, Very, VERY carefully! :)

NO> Here is something to keep you quite a bit.....
NO> Title: Enchiladas Fantastic

Sounds, good, but, you realize of course, bribery can get you
a little peace and quiet!

'Scuse me while I chow down......

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