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> I havn't read his book, but one survival method early humanoids used
> to obtain food was to use rocks to break open bones to get at the
> marrow; breaking open animal skulls to get at the brain also would
> be understandable... cannibalistic brain-eating apes, that intelligence
literally can be

I can understand how he might have skewed the brain eating. In
Pychology experiments with planaria-flatworms-pretty dull creatures that
live in streams under rocks, you can teach one a maze-just a simple one
and then grind it up, and feed it to its friends and they know the maze.
Before you start considering the benefits of being Jeffrey Dalmer--it
doesn't work with humans. The digestion of the material is more complete
and the blood-brain barrier keeps out foreign proteins that could be
responsible for memory. Besides the flatworms friends aren't any more
intelligent after they have their buddy for lunch--they just know more.
The two ain't necessarily the same.

I don't know many of the theories you are looking for, but sociobiology is
really pretty far-fetched if you are just looking at a layman's/public
interest level for a magazine or newspaper article.

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