Aberrant Anthropology

Donna Kossy (dkossy@teleport.com)
7 Jan 1995 14:28:10 -0800

Need info from crackpotologists & anthropologists:

I'm beginning research for a possible book on aberrant and kook theories
of human evolution. This includes not only theories that suggest how we
got here but also those that look forward, such as eugenics.

I recently came across the book, The Beginning Was the End, by Oscar Kiss
Maerth, published in 1974 by Praeger Publishers. It was originally
published in German in 1971. Maerth believes that humans evolved from
cannibalistic brain-eating apes, that intelligence literally can be
eaten, that we are only smart as a result of the brain-eating habits of
our forbears. The entire 235-page book is chock full of bizarre ideas --
it's one of the kookiest books I've ever seen, and I€ve seen hundreds.

Anyway, if anyone has any information on Maerth or other aberrant
anthropologists I'm all ears. Please send me a note by email:
dkossy@teleport.com or to Donna Kossy, PO Box 86663, Portland, OR 97286.


Donna Kossy: dkossy@teleport.COM