Re: 'Ape'/'Apeman': changing views since 1600

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5 Jan 1995 13:39:53 GMT

In article <3ec61q$>, Raymond Corbey, Leiden U., Netherlands says:
>New edition: Ape, man, apeman: Changing views since 1600, ed. by R. Corbey
>& B. Theunissen, Leiden U, 1995, ISBN 90-73368-05-7, 420 pages, $ 35,-
>32 papers on four subject areas: views of nonhuman primates in the west>since the Middle Ages; history of interpretations of human origins and
>early hominids; ape and monkey ethnozoology; apes and ethics. Contribu-tors include Frank Spencer, Alan Barnard, Robert Wokler, Peter Bowler,
>Tim Ingold, Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney, Marina Warner, Vernon Reynolds.
>Distribution: R. Corbey, Dept of Prehistory, PO Box 9515, NL 2300 RA
>Leiden, The Netherlands.

Dear Dr. Corbey,
I read your message with keen interest. I am myself the director of
a small independent research team on the history of primatology,
palaeoanthropology and evolutionary theory which has its base in
Wisconsin, USA and is called 'Primates, Past and Present'.
My personal interests deal with the emergence of
human cognition and language acquisition among early hominids and
non-human primates, from a historical-philosophical point of view. For
the institute's staff, students and relatives, I would be very interes-
ted in ordering a substantial number of your book, probably leading
up to a 100 copies. I hope we can negotiate about the details of
payment later on.
Our institute also has an extensive library on primatology and
palaeoanthropology, with numerous historical publications. In our
mutual interest I believe it would be very interesting if we could
establish and continue this contact.
Yours Sincerely,
Dr. David Drivetrousers
Director of 'Primates, Past and Present'Botanical Gardens
2300 RA Suffering
Wisconsin, USA