'Ape'/'Apeman': changing views since 1600

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3 Jan 1995 18:46:18 GMT

New edition: Ape, man, apeman: Changing views since 1600, ed. by R. Corbey
& B. Theunissen, Leiden U, 1995, ISBN 90-73368-05-7, 420 pages, $ 35,-
32 papers on four subject areas: views of nonhuman primates in the west
since the Middle Ages; history of interpretations of human origins and
early hominids; ape and monkey ethnozoology; apes and ethics. Contribu-tors include Frank Spencer, Alan Barnard, Robert Wokler, Peter Bowler,
Tim Ingold, Emiko Ohnuki-Tierney, Marina Warner, Vernon Reynolds.
Distribution: R. Corbey, Dept of Prehistory, PO Box 9515, NL 2300 RA
Leiden, The Netherlands.