Re: Bogart: Haggis crossed the Bering Strait?

D K Murray (
Wed, 18 Dec 1996 20:37:04 GMT

Visit my website ( today, where you
can view categorical photographic evidence from strata found in West
Fife coalseams that haggis existed during the Carboniferous period.

This haggis was just like modern haggis, but much larger. Clearly it
is nonsense when they teach in schools that haggis evolved from
turkey stuffing or sausages, as these did not appear until relatively
modern times, co-evolving with Christmas and the truck drivers' cafe

Unfortunately, an interplanetary caucus of scientists and chefs
continue to deny the evidence, even to the point of controlling
anthropologists' brains with tractor beams. If there is any more
laughter from the purple giraffe at the back of the lecture hall, I
shall be forced to set my trousers on fire.