Re: history questions: meat, siberian land bridge, horses in the Americas

Ethan Vishniac (
19 Dec 1996 16:19:11 GMT

Roger Dodger <> wrote:
>>"Quis tamen tale studium, quo ad primam omnium rerum causam evehimur,
>>tamquam inutile aut contemnendum detractare ac deprimere
>>Ethan T. Vishniac --->
>Hey Ethan! When you include a long latin quote, please also include a
>translation for the 90+% of us that don't speak, read or write Latin.

No problem.

`Yet who would hear such a study, which would lead us to the first cause of
all things, dismissed or denigrated as useless or contemptible?'

>There is no excuse for common courtesy.

Actually, most of us don't even *try* to excuse common courtesy.
Shameful, isn't it? :-)

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