Bogart: Haggis crossed the Bering Strait?

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> If you want something REALLY tasty sounding, check out the fine old
> Scottish recipe for "haggis"! Now THAT will leave your lunch on your
> keyboard! 8-)))

Ach, Robbie, the Archaeology of the Haggis being in the sad state that it is,
I hesitate to post this to the Sci.Arch newsgroup -- probably it belongs in
talk.coalseams.endless or alt.yak but here goes anyhow... Certainly, as
you suggest, many Haggis remains from the present era *will* be found just
above a stratum of greyish plastic keyboard remains. However, if you'd care
to peruse a modern recipe that results in something quite tasty, take a peek

Try some Haggis -- there's nothing in *this* recipe that you can't find in
any well-stocked grocery store.

Agreed, the *traditional* recipe doesn't sound so good, but then, I don't
usually eat things because they *sound* good :-) Do you?

Haggis in one form or another dates back at least to Roman times. It has
much in common with hash, (I'm told the French word for 'hash' is "hackis").
It's also related to certain forms of sausage, and even the "stuffing"
of the Great Thanksgiving Turkey. (WHAT?! You say you cooked that IN THE BODY

Haggis -- It ain't the Wurst.

Lloyd Bogart

We now return you to your *usual* selection of peculiar postings :-)