Re: What did the first Organic Thingamadoodle eat?

R. Gaenssmantel (
14 Dec 1996 18:20:19 GMT

Robert S. Carlsen ( wrote:
: How about photosynthesis for starters.

I don't think so. As far as I understand the first organic 'cells' were
probably formed in great depths (of water) under hot and anaerobe conditions.
This environment would not allow any photosynthesis. However, would assume that
certain organic molecules would have been been able to get through the 'skin'
of these 'cells'.

: Ed, why do you continually insist
: on broadcasting to the world your complete ignorance of even the most
: basic scientific knowledge? Are you really as uneducated as you seem?

Actually I'm not quite sure about that. His reply sounded on the one hand very
much like a piss take, on the other hand it does appear that he arrives at his
'ingenius' 'scientific' findings in a similar way.