Re: ATTENTION: Anyone out there who uses -- or plans to use -- a killfile

Paul C. Dickie (
Sat, 14 Dec 96 03:10:58 GMT

In article <58pd3h$> "Ed Conrad" writes:

>The rumor -- from pretty high up -- is that, beginning Jan. 1,
>anyone using a killfile will be assessed $17.50 a month.


Continue to post drivel like that, and you'll be a shoe-in for December's KotM.

>Even worse, I've been told that a person in a killfile must be
>compensated $6.25 per week per news group for causing
>``excruciating intellectual pain by such vile and unethical behavior.''

Better still! BTW -- have you worked out how you'll discover who has and who
hasn't killfiled you, bearing in mind that less than 10% of the readers of
a newsgroup ever bother to post anything? Will you use ESP, ask Elijah,
or simply "cast the bones"?

< Paul >