Re: ATTENTION: Anyone out there who uses -- or plans to use -- a killfile
Thu, 19 Dec 1996 13:43:49 -0600

> In article <58pd3h$> "Ed Conrad" writes:
> >Even worse, I've been told that a person in a killfile must be
> >compensated $6.25 per week per news group for causing
> >``excruciating intellectual pain by such vile and unethical behavior.''

Hey, why should YOU get paid for being killfiled? Since your being
killfiled would seem to suggest that you are the one causing
"excrutiating intellectual pain by such vile and unethical behavior," I
think you ought to fork over $6.25 per week to each person killfiling
you. I'd killfile you for less than that.

And since there would be a benefit to killfiling you, I think the many
lurkers who have done so should come out of the woodwork and levy their
claim against you. Maybe you'd be forced to sell your computer to pay
them off.

Rebecca Lynn Johnson
Ph.D. stud., Dept. of Anthropology, U Iowa

Hatrack ratcatcher to port weapons...brickbat lingerie!!
-- Cdr. Susan Ivanova, B5