Re: Where are the zoologists?

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Wed, 07 Dec 1994 02:46:32 +0700

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Dooley) wrote:

>Perhaps the debate could be put
> on a more scientific basis if zoologists had a look at the arguments based
> on comparative physiology and evolutionary biologists exposed some of the
> simple
> errors that have made by both sides in describing evolutionary scenarios.

I don't claim to be an expert {yet :) ! } but I am getting a Ph.D. in
zoology and I also have a background in human paleontology.

I don't know what you think an "evolutionary biologist" is. Most of the
professional scientists and grad students you see posting here are
evolutionary biologists; and I might add, they have been trying to point
out the flaws in the AAH scenario, to little avail.


| Lucie M. Melahn