Re: Where are the zoologists?

Phil Nicholls (
8 Dec 1994 03:18:00 GMT

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Pat Dooley <> wrote:
>The AAH proponents have come from a wide variety of disciplines, but not
>The opponents have been almost exclusively Anthropologists.
>Most of the AAH is based on mammalian physiology and evolution, fields in
>Anthropologists seem to be ill prepared.

It depends on the anthropologist. I am well versed in comparative primate
anatomy and paleontology. I have taken classes in mammalogy and
comparative vertebrate anatomy.

> Perhaps the debate could be put
>on a more scientific basis if zoologists had a look at the arguments based
>on comparative physiology and evolutionary biologists exposed some of the
>errors that have made by both sides in describing evolutionary scenarios.

If you want to place this debate on a more scientific footing then I
suggest you examine all of the clues comparative anatomy can provide and
not just the selective reading Ms Morgan provides for you. By the way,
Pete Wheeler is a zoologist.

>Personally, I don't think the subject of human evolution pre tool-making
>in Anthropology - it should be in Zoology's Ape department!
>Pat D risking a severe flaming

I think you will find that the subject of primatology crosses many
disciplines and that those who approach primatology from an evolutionary
perspective seem to be anthropologists, physical anthropologists like

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