Could old races have been exterminated?

Frank Moore (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 08:25:06 -0700

I noticed that they just found some old footprints in Tanzania. It got
me to thinking. Maybe there are old races that have vanished. Someone
here speculated that original Europeans were dark-skinned. Maybe there
was. Maybe there were also other races in other places. Maybe there are
other peoples such as the Ainu in Japan that could have existed on all
continents but were killed off in warfare or absorbed into other tribes.

Could this explain why redheaded people are usually from
Ireland/Scotland, and blonds may have originally been from Scandinavia?
Could they have been separate tribes a long time ago? Could the black
man in Africa be the dominant race that disposed other races? Could
whites in Europe have done the same?

Any thoughts?