Re: Re. Remo and Thompson/Power Begets Power

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. (
23 Aug 1996 16:10:02 GMT

John Eaton <> wrote:
> Just a followup to Jim's post--
> It has regularly been the province of the established power structures
> to maintain that power, whether it be social, political, economic,
> scientific, artistic, etc.
> I remember when our science teachers told us the "water on Mars"
> scenario was just science fiction. Well, who would know an old Martian
> rock would tell a different tale. Lots of evidence emerging. And
> liquid water on Europa? "All these worlds are yours, except Europa,"
> David Bowman might remind us.
> We scratch at the surface of the great mystery. Let's keep an open and
> inquisitive mind, shall we?

But not so open that our brains fall out...