Re. Remo and Thompson/Power Begets Power

John Eaton (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 09:25:36 +0000

On 8/14/96 Jim Foley wrote:
> In article <>,
> Herbert Gintis <> wrote:
> >Since I spend a lot of time on population biology, behavioral ecology,
> >and the like, a friend sent me two big fat books by Cremo and Thompson
> >criticizing the `establishment' theory of the evolution of H. sapiens.
> >From my slight knowledge of paleontology, I think I know what's wrong
> >with their argument, but I sure would appreciate an authoritative source
> >to refer him to.
> Not an authoritative source, but there is a web page at
> which addresses some of
> Cremo and Thompson's arguments which were used in the the TV show
> "Mysterious Origins of Man", shown earlier this year on NBC.
> BTW, what do you think is wrong with their argument?

Just a followup to Jim's post--

It has regularly been the province of the established power structures
to maintain that power, whether it be social, political, economic,
scientific, artistic, etc.

I remember when our science teachers told us the "water on Mars"
scenario was just science fiction. Well, who would know an old Martian
rock would tell a different tale. Lots of evidence emerging. And
liquid water on Europa? "All these worlds are yours, except Europa,"
David Bowman might remind us.

We scratch at the surface of the great mystery. Let's keep an open and
inquisitive mind, shall we?