Re: America's White Injuns

S.W. (
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 06:26:00 GMT

Den Thu, 22 Aug 1996 19:51:52 +0100 skrev
(Steve Firth) :

=>In article <321b014a.1118671@>,
=> (S.W.) wrote:
=>>Well, many if not most Scandinavians live in areas where the climate is
=>>rather mild,
=>Svante! How are you me old Swedish turn-up?

I bet you've been missing me, mate.....

=>Hello, hello, testing, testing, testing kill file, come in Svante, over.


=>PS, nice .sig, small and perfectly formed.

You still haven't advanced to the stage where you can read and understand
more than four lines at a time, have you?

I bet I still have a big tacky .sig here somewhere, with pigs and all.
Tempting, very tempting.....

(Follow-ups set to the home of the sig-(f)lamers, demon.local.)

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