Re: America's White Injuns

Al Billings (
22 Aug 1996 17:42:32 GMT

Please remove alt.religion.asatru from the newsgroups line. This isn't
topical there. We discuss the Asatru religion there, not that of the
Mormons or things dealing with "race." wrote:
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: ><< Suddenly my mailbox is jammed asking me for evidence of this. EVIDENCE
: ><<for Chrissakes?!!! there's O. J. Chimpson still running around and you're
: ><<asking me for evidence. Sheesh!
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: ><Aryans the "original inhabitants" of the Americas? You're *funny!
: You have to understand that people like Mr Duncan use the term Aryan
: very loosely. Most likely when Mr Duncan saids "Aryan" he means
: Caucasoid people. Now what is Caucasoid you might ask. According to
: anthropologists, Caucasoid is anyone who has a dolichocephalic head
: shape. Another words, they have a long face instead of round face
: like orientals, or bigger jaw bone like pure African blacks.
: They have no way
: of telling what race the skulls are except with head shapes.
: It is very possible that there was a Caucasoid type of people
: during the paleolithic age in America. Who knows what their
: skin color was or their eye shape.
: In Korea they also found bones of paleo Asians who are Caucasoid
: in skull shape. Ainus are probably their descendants.
: But to say that these ancient Caucasoid Asians are the same race
: as Germanic people is pretty far fetched since the Ainus do not
: speak an Indo-European language.
: Oviousely *the* Aryan tribe from India did not migrate
: to North America since the term Aryan did
: not exist until after the neolithic age, but I understand what
: he is talking about.
: Mr Duncan's attempt to unite people based on head shape, skin color,
: and other phenotypical attributes is a very primitive form of
: unification. Thats how birds and animals get united.
: As people evolve, people tend to unite and discriminate people
: based on philosophy and religion. I think it's just a matter
: of time where people like Mr Duncan learn to catch up with rest
: of us, and learn to discriminate people based on their philosophy
: and religion.