Re: America's White Injuns

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Wed, 21 Aug 1996 12:37:15 GMT

Den Wed, 21 Aug 1996 03:15:07 -0400 skrev "Barry C. Bowser"
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=>even Mormons have told me that Native Americans were really who they
=>were, and not some story about Aryans.
=>Anyway, the scandinavian people should be proud at least of being able
=>to live in climates where no one challenges them for land rites, which
=>is an admirable quality. Thor is cool.

Well, many if not most Scandinavians live in areas where the climate is
rather mild, with winters far less severe than in for example Minnesota and
Wisconsin. Where I live, in southern Sweden, the climate zone is more
comparable to areas such as Tennessee or even northern Georgia. The
honeysuckle grows wild in the forests, and in my garden hardy hibiscus,
magnolias, trumpet vine and many other plants, bushes and trees flourish.
And when I was a child there was a big peach tree growing in my parent's

Even the far northern parts of Norway are rather mild (though not as mild
as where I live...) because of the moderating influence of the Gulf stream.

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