Re: America's White Injuns

21 Aug 1996 20:14:45 GMT

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><<for Chrissakes?!!! there's O. J. Chimpson still running around and you're
><<asking me for evidence. Sheesh!
><Aryans the "original inhabitants" of the Americas? You're *funny!

You have to understand that people like Mr Duncan use the term Aryan
very loosely. Most likely when Mr Duncan saids "Aryan" he means
Caucasoid people. Now what is Caucasoid you might ask. According to
anthropologists, Caucasoid is anyone who has a dolichocephalic head
shape. Another words, they have a long face instead of round face
like orientals, or bigger jaw bone like pure African blacks.
They have no way
of telling what race the skulls are except with head shapes.

It is very possible that there was a Caucasoid type of people
during the paleolithic age in America. Who knows what their
skin color was or their eye shape.

In Korea they also found bones of paleo Asians who are Caucasoid
in skull shape. Ainus are probably their descendants.
But to say that these ancient Caucasoid Asians are the same race
as Germanic people is pretty far fetched since the Ainus do not
speak an Indo-European language.

Oviousely *the* Aryan tribe from India did not migrate
to North America since the term Aryan did
not exist until after the neolithic age, but I understand what
he is talking about.

Mr Duncan's attempt to unite people based on head shape, skin color,
and other phenotypical attributes is a very primitive form of
unification. Thats how birds and animals get united.

As people evolve, people tend to unite and discriminate people
based on philosophy and religion. I think it's just a matter
of time where people like Mr Duncan learn to catch up with rest
of us, and learn to discriminate people based on their philosophy
and religion.