Re: Waking up covered in dew

Paul Crowley (
Sun, 18 Aug 96 17:27:50 GMT

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> V. Hughson) wrote:
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> > Dew might form on a corpse, but not on a living person.
> That observation would normally throw a wet blanket over everyone but no
> one wants to hear about it. I will add that I always park under a tree
> and stay dew-free and only my wife's car, parked in the open, gets covered
> in dew.
> So a) dew doesn't form on living humans and b) if it did, they could stop
> it by sleeping under a tree.

Tom, Nick Maclaren has already answered (a) well, and as for (b)
I don't know where you live but I bet you're referring to a short
summer night (and probably to a low dense deciduous tree in full
foliage). I'd also bet it's a different story in winter time.

In the regions of Africa we are talking about there's 12 hours of
darkness every night, and relatively open vegetation. I started
this thread with a quote from Albert Schultz about dew falling on
tropical forest-living primates. Here's another from page 215
"The first thing in the morning monkeys leave their often very
chilly sleeping quarters to ascend to higher places on trees
and rocks and there to bask in the early sun . . "