Re: Civilization and Evolution

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Tue, 20 Aug 1996 17:22:37 GMT

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>Turbo17930 wrote:
>> "Civilization", as commonly understood, is a negative evolutionary trait.
>> Specifically, I mean that the modern world of man is a recessionary
>> biological
>> trait, and will eventually result in Man's disappearance from earth.
>> Example? Resource use. Only a blind fool fails to recognize that humanity
>> is
>> consuming the finite resourses available to us. What then?
>> Floyd A. Stephens
>It seems to me that it is less a matter of civilization and more a matter of
>OVERPOPULATION. The Human Race is an extremely successful species. Some might
>argue too successful. The use of resources is directly related to how many of
>us there are. The fact that we USE technology is not the problem. The fact
>that we MISUSE technology is. If the Human Race is to avoid the mass
>extinctions that have plagued other overly successful species in the past, we
>are going to have to learn to manage our resources better. If we don't a lot
>of us (may ALL of us) will surely face extinction. Just the same, someone will
>follow and someday our bones will be dug up and argued over!

all species face extinction, the most successful the species the
longer they put it off but they all eventually succumb. btw, hominids
are not the only animals who use up the finite resources available,
but unlike most hominids are adaptable to various resources.

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