Re: America's White Injuns

David Hendren (
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 13:02:19 -0700

duncan wrote:
> In article <> I wrote:
> > Nothing better illustrates the dangers of uncontrolled immigration
> > than the fate of America's indigenous stock, the Aryan Ainu quietists, who got
> > wiped out when the Mongolids swarmed over the Bering Strait.
> Suddenly my mailbox is jammed asking me for evidence of this. EVIDENCE
> for Chrissakes?!!! there's O. J. Chimpson still running around and you're
> asking me for evidence. Sheesh!
> Let's go with the flow, people, and reclaim America. Shut off the
> immigration valve and if there ain't enough Whites to go around, then let
> Natural wastage return the land to its next-but-one rightful owners, the
> Injuns. (Actually, I'd like to hear the Libruls' reply to THAT one).
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