Re: Fossil findings in Asia

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Mon, 12 Aug 1996 22:37:28 +0100

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>Sorry if I am repeating something that has already been discussed, but I am
>very interested in reading about the new findings from fossils in Asia that
>may dispute the idea that Homo erectus evolved in Africa and then traveled
>to Asia. Because the bones appear to be so old, it may be a sort of
>parallel evolution. I know that there must be alot of stuff written in
>Science Mag, etc. Can anyone give me references. Thanks.

The following papers may be of some help.

Tianyuan L, Etler D A, New middle pleistocene hominid crania from
Yunxian in China, Nature 1992; 357: 404-7

Holloway M, Family matters, Scient Amer (May) 1994; 270 (5): 15-16

Dean D, Delson E, Homo at the gate of Europe, Nature 1995; 373:

Wanpo H, Ciochon R, Yumin G, Larick R, Qiren F, Schwarcz H,
Yonge C, de Vos J, Rink W, Early Homo and associated artefacts
from Asia, Nature 1995; 378: 275-78

Culotta E, Asian hominids grow older, Science 1995; 270: 1116-17

Gautam Majumdar