Re: Most recent Neandertals

A R Millard (
12 Aug 1996 08:47:12 GMT

Jim Foley ( wrote:
: I thought I had read about some Neandertal fossils from Croatia which
: had recently been dated at around 30,000 years or even less, but I can't
: find any references to it now. Does anyone know which fossils I might
: be thinking of, or have any references?

There was a paper in Nature (381 (16 May 1996) 224-226) by Hublin etal. on
a 34ka Neanderthal from Arcy-sur-Cure, France, with an associated
Chatelperronian industry which persists beyond 33ka (C14 years). They
refer to Zafarraya in S. Spain as the other youngest known Neanderthal
(citing Hublin etal. in C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris 321 IIa 931-937 (1995)).

I've never heard of the Croatian find at 30ka or less, have you any idea
where you might have seen this or when it was published?


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