Re: Most recent Neandertals

Rich Travsky (rtravsky@UWYO.EDU)
12 Aug 96 22:26:35 MDT

A R Millard <> writes:
>Jim Foley ( wrote:
>: I thought I had read about some Neandertal fossils from Croatia which
>: had recently been dated at around 30,000 years or even less, but I can't
>: find any references to it now. Does anyone know which fossils I might
>: be thinking of, or have any references?
>There was a paper in Nature (381 (16 May 1996) 224-226) by Hublin etal. on
>a 34ka Neanderthal from Arcy-sur-Cure, France, with an associated
>Chatelperronian industry which persists beyond 33ka (C14 years). They
>refer to Zafarraya in S. Spain as the other youngest known Neanderthal
>(citing Hublin etal. in C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris 321 IIa 931-937 (1995)).
>I've never heard of the Croatian find at 30ka or less, have you any idea
>where you might have seen this or when it was published?
I have a newspaper article from Aug 29, 1995 (John Noble Wilford, N Y Times).
Therein is the mention of the Croation finds (dated to 33K years ago). The
article refers one to the Sept/Oct 1995 issue of Archaeology.

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