Re: Most recent Neandertals

Rich Travsky (rtravsky@UWYO.EDU)
10 Aug 96 22:55:23 MDT

Bob Keeter <> writes:
> (Jim Foley) wrote:
>>I thought I had read about some Neandertal fossils from Croatia which
>>had recently been dated at around 30,000 years or even less, but I can't
>>find any references to it now. Does anyone know which fossils I might
>>be thinking of, or have any references?
>Was this Croatia, or Spain? I had heard of some very recent <35k yrs old
>Neanderthal remains, but I thought that they were located near Gibraltar in
Both. Reported in August 1995. remains in Croatia dated 33K years ago,
Spain 30K years ago. My newspaper clipping says to see the Sept/Oct 1995
issue of Archaeology.

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