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1 Aug 1996 15:55:23 GMT

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>> >Is it possiable for a man and a ape have an offspring ?
>> I doubt if it would be possible to find out, short of actually
>> performing such an experiment. The experiment would be considered
>> unethical, so if it has been done, the people involved aren't going
>> tell everyone.
>> > If yes has it
>> >ever been done and what was the offspring like ?
>> I imagine it would look something halfway between a chimp and a
>> The most recent common ancestor of chimps and humans is about 6 MYA.
>> What about horses and donkeys, or liones and tigers?
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>> Zakalwe
>While it is true that chimps and man are conceivably closely enough
>to have an offspring (albeit a sterile one) the point is made moot by
>fact that apes and man have differing number of pairs of chromosomes,
>making cell division impossible. Read 'Origins Reconsidered' by
>Leakey, for more specific info.
Nope--horses and zebras and donkeys have different # of chromosomes,
yet can have (sterile) offspring--the different number is apparently
not a dealbreaker here.

Barry M.