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Richard Spear (
Thu, 03 Aug 1995 02:44:56 GMT

Ralph L Holloway <> wrote:

>It might be useful to canvass positions among leading evolutionary
>writers with regards to convergent and parallel evolution. I'm
>admitterdly behind the times, but when I teach introctory students
>regarding convergent evolution, and use some of the examples that Elaine
>has mentioned, I also add that convergent evolution happened between
>animals FAR removed from each other, taxonomically.

Ralph - you are correct (not surprisingly <g>). Citing from
Relethford's "The Human Species" ... "...convergent evolution, or
similar adaptations occuring in otherwise very different species." The
classic example is flight in both birds and insects.

he uses new and old world monkeys as examples of parallel evolution.
Not a survey, but Relethford is very uncontroversial and I like the